Audeze chats with streaming and podcasting team Nerd On!

We interrupt our regularly scheduled program to get some nerd on. As our reach expands into new markets, we want to share the love from some of our streaming and gaming partners. In our first entry, we profile the team at Nerd On!, a weekly podcast in which a group of nerds from LA hangout, rant, analyze and joke about Movies, Games, TV shows and whatever else gives them a raging Nerd On!

"One of the things we learned early on is that it is very important for us to be able to hear each other so we don’t talk over each other all the time... Cannot recommend these headphones enough."
- Josh from the Nerd On! Team

Here's our chat with the team from NerdOn!:
What is your screen name when streaming?

nerdon on Twitch and nerdontv on EVERYTHING else :)

What are your favorite games? (you can rank them if you want)

Because we are group variety channel, the 4 of us hosts have quite the array of favorite games. Things like Halo, Final Fantasy 7, Knights of the Old Republic, Fallout, Stardew Valley, I said, quite the array!

What team(s) have you played for?

Thus far, the only stream team we have been a part of is a large Charity Fallout stream team, known as Fallout For Hope.

What channels do you stream/post to?

We stream to and we post video versions of our podcast to

Describe your gaming/streaming system:

Armed with an Intel Core i7-8700K and an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060. Not exactly top of the line but it gets the job done and we have hopes to upgrade it in the future.

We use 3 Black Magic 4k Pocket Cinema Cameras with Elgato Camlinks

We use a Rodecaster Pro with 4 Shure SM7bs and our headphones are, of course, the LCD-1s. As we say, if your ears were mouths, they’d taste like butter. We also use the Apogee Hypemic for our remote setups.

We also use an Elgato Stream Deck to switch scenes.

What's the next piece of gear/software you want to add?

We’d love to get a BlackMagic ATEM Mini Pro ISO for our podcast episodes. We’d also love to upgrade our PC to be able to handle more.

Do you have any pet peeves when gaming?

Our main pet peeve while gaming is when people are trolling or bullying just for the sake of being mean. All of us have different pet peeves while gaming hahah.

What is your favorite color?

Blue. No! Yellow!

What is the air speed velocity of an unladen African swallow?

The airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow is roughly 20.1 mph. Fun fact: a group of swallows is called a gulp.

How do your Audeze headphones affect your play/streams?
For us, we have a unique setup in the fact that we have 4 hosts. One of the things we learned early on is that it is very important for us to be able to hear each other so we don’t talk over each other all the time. It still happens from time to time but the headphones help us immensely. That being said, we have to wear headphones for hours at a time. The LCD-1s are incredibly comfortable and it helps they are open back so the pressure of the audio directly into our ears isn’t bad like other headphones. PLUS! The audio quality makes it so we hear each other nice and clean so it keeps the conversation natural. Cannot recommend these headphones enough.